Someone Like You / 聽見幸福 / Tīng Jiàn Xìng Fú (2015) [Ongoing]

Title: Someone Like You Chinese Title:聽見幸福 / Tīng Jiàn Xìng Fú Genre: Melodrama, Modern, Romance Episodes: 20 Broadcast network: SET TV Broadcast period: 2015-Jan-11 to 2015-May-24 Air time: Sunday Synopsis A man loses everything in one day in a tragic car accident. Fang Zhan Cheng (Kingone Wang) lost his fiancée, Liang Luo Han (Kirsten Ren),… Continue reading Someone Like You / 聽見幸福 / Tīng Jiàn Xìng Fú (2015) [Ongoing]


장재인 (Jang Jae In) – Hallucinations (환청) (feat. 나쑈) [Kill Me Heal Me OST]

Crazy with this song ♥♥♥ 장재인 (Jang Jae In) – 환청 (feat. 나쑈) Auditory Hallucination Lyrics Kill Me, Heal Me OST Part 1 Genre : 발라드 (Ballad) , TV 드라마 (TV Drama) Release Date : 2015-01-14 Language : Korean Jang Jae In – 환청 Romanization + Hangul + English Subs 내 안에 숨은 것들이 말이야날… Continue reading 장재인 (Jang Jae In) – Hallucinations (환청) (feat. 나쑈) [Kill Me Heal Me OST]

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Mental Diseases

Lately, I watched few series where the lead actors have a “mental disease”. From Asian Series : Kill Me, Heal Me (2015) – ongoing Hyde, Jekyll, and I (2015) – ongoing Heart To Heart (2015) – not yet watched; so, I’m not gonna discuss it now. It’s Okay, That’s Love (2014) – completed From West… Continue reading Mental Diseases

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Hyde, Jekyll and I / 하이드, 지킬, 나 (2015) [Ongoing]

Title : Hyde, Jekyll and I / 하이드, 지킬, 나
Also known as : Jekyll and Me
Genre : Romance, Comedy
Episodes : 20
Broadcast network : SBS
Broadcast period : 2015-Jan-21 to 2015-Mar-26
Air time : Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
Director : Jo Young Kwang
Screenwriter : Kim Ji Woon
This drama is based on the webcomic “Jekyllbaksaneun Haideussi” by Lee Choong Ho which was first published from 2011-Feb-15 to 2011-Nov-25 via “daum.net“. Jang Ha Na (Han Ji Min) works as the master and actress in a circus at Wonderland, a large amusement park. Meanwhile, Goo Seo Jin (Hyun Bin) is a third-generation chaebol and the CEO of this Wonderland. Due to a childhood trauma, Seo Jin suffers from multiple-personalities disorder. One of his personality is that of Jekyll who has a cold personality. The other personality is that of Hyde who has a sweet and innocent personality. When Seo Jin tries to eliminate the circus from Wonderland, Ha Na fights to keep it at Wonderland. In the process, She finds herself falling in love for both of Seo Jin’s personalities. But can such a strange relationship work? Can a woman be in a love triangle with just one man? Jang Ha Na finds herself in that impossible situation.
Episode 01 | Episode 02 | Episode 03 | Episode 04 | Episode 05 Episode 06 | Episode 07 | Episode 08 | Episode 09 | Episode 10 Episode 11 | Episode 12 | Episode 13 | Episode 14 | Episode 15 Episode 16 | Episode 17 | Episode 18 | Episode 19 | Episode 20
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Birth of a Beauty / 미녀의 탄생 [2014]

Title: 미녀의 탄생 / Birth of a Beauty Chinese Title: 美女的诞生 Genre: Romance, Comedy Episodes: 20 (To Be Confirmed) Broadcast network: SBS Broadcast period: 2014-Nov-01 to 2015-Jan-04 Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:55 Director: Lee Chang Min Screenwriter: Yoon Young Mi ♠ PLOT ♠ This is a drama about a woman’s world changes after she… Continue reading Birth of a Beauty / 미녀의 탄생 [2014]