Taiwanese Series

Love Around / 真愛黑白配 / Pei Zhen Ai Heibai (2013)

lovearoundTitle: Love Around
Chinese Title:真爱黑白配 / Pei Zhen Ai Heibai
Also Known as: Love Around September / Love Around
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 15
Broadcast network: TTV
Broadcast period: 09-June-2013 to —
Air time: Sunday 22:00


Radio DJ Liang Xiao Shu is outgoing, straightforward, optimistic and a little drama queen at heart. After finding out her boyfriend of three months is cheating on her, she is devastated. By a chance encounter she meets Zhou Zhen who comes from a former gangster family that has decided to keep their hands clean. Zhen is gentle, gracious and upright, he encourages Xiao Shu and helps her to move on. Zhen becomes an employee at the radio station where Xiao Shu works by mistake and goes to great lengths to hide his true identity by impersonating a salesperson. Little does he know the seed of love has already begun to grow.


Annie Chen as Liang Xiao Shu George Hu as Zhou Zhen Elleya Tao as Zhou Ying Ying
Jack Lee as Gao Zhe Xuan Stephanie Zhang as Fei Fei Simon Xue as Zhan Mu Si


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